Level 3 Statement of Progress, submitted December 2021

Our Commitment

We recognize the crucial role every business must play in creating a Future-Fit Society – one that is environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive – and we are committed to playing our part. We aspire to become a Future-Fit Business because we believe that our long-term success is tied to the positive contributions we make to society and the value we create for ourselves and others. As a result, we are committed to eliminating all of the potential negative impacts associated with what we buy, what we sell, and what we do. As a consulting firm, we are focusing on addressing our non-renewable and GHG intensive business travel, ensuring we always meet high ethical standards in our work and providing a safe, supportive and fulfilling work environment to support our team’s wellbeing. Beyond our own impacts, we see our journey to future-fitness as one of collaboration. For us, a meaningful contribution to a Future-Fit Society amplifies and accelerates others’ progress. We codesign our services with our clients to build capability and challenge thinking to enable organisations to be accountable for their own impacts in a way that does not undermine society’s progress towards future-fitness. We acknowledge that a business-as-usual approach isn’t enough. This statement signals our intent to transform how we do things. We will lead by example and encourage other businesses to do the same by sharing our progress annually. We will publish our first Future-Fit Statement of Progress within the next 12 months.